Story Starters and Writing Prompts

For bedtime and classroom.

Something’s Hiding Writing Prompt for Kids

What could be hiding behind the rock? Would it go for the treasure, or the boy?  Imagine it yourself and let your next adventure begin!

The Tooth Fairy Story Starter for Kids

The tooth fairy is so excited to be going out collecting teeth.  Would she forget something? Imagine it yourself and let your next adventure begin!

The Eagles Lunch Writing Prompt for Kids

The Eagle's is about to catch his lunch, but then something happens...what could it be? Imagine it yourself and let your next adventure begin!

The Surprise of the Dog Writing Prompt for Kids

The dog can't believe his eyes. Was it really true? Imagine it yourself and let your next adventure begin!

How To Use the Story Starters for Bedtime Stories

Ask Questions

Ask you child what do they think is happening now in the picture and what will happen next?

Ask your child for the next sentence

Have your child tell you the next sentence in the story, and then you make up the next sentence, taking turns until you have story.

If you get stuck, try this

Use a word or phrase like ‘suddenly’, ‘just then’, ‘they didn’t know it, but’, and ‘surprisingly’.  Then add in something random and unexpected.


Writing Prompts

You’ll find Story Starters that can be used for Writing Prompts for both older and younger students.  You can search on categories to find a subject or theme that interests you.

View All Story Starters

Find a list of all the Story Starters here. Click on the one you want and you’ll go to its full-sized page, where you can print it if you like.


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